Growth Reading:

noun [u] the activity of reading in order to achieve rapid personal growth.

Yes, we know - books are not that sexy anymore. They don't have pop-ups or progress bars. But that's the point: in a world where everyone strives for instant gratification, digging down and focusing on a single thing becomes extraordinary.

Everything you've ever wanted to know has probably been written down by someone much smarter than you. Every problem you encounter; someone already has a solution for it. Every emotion you're experiencing; someone much wiser than you has analyzed it.

So why not take advantage of that?

Remember: leaders are readers. So let's get started! Here are the three steps to growth reading:

Building a Personal Reading Plan

Top down photograph of a notebook, pencil and a cup of coffee.

For many things in life we develop plans. When we travel, we make sure we know where we’re going and where we’ll be staying. In your career you probably have plans as well – such as which positions you want …

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Peter Drucker on Time Management

Photograph of a clock on a white wall.

Time. It’s the one unique resource that we cannot replace or replenish. Every minute that we spend doing one thing, is a minute that we cannot spend doing something else. We cannot go back to yesterday and change the way …

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7 Modern Marketing Books for the 21st Century

Photograph of advertisements on Time Square.

A lot is being written on marketing in the age of social media, start-ups, and changing consumer habits. There are good ideas and explanations, and of course there are a lot of books that offer no additional value. This is …

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