Growth Reading:

noun [u] the activity of reading in order to achieve rapid personal growth.

Yes, we know - books are not that sexy anymore. They don't have pop-ups or progress bars. But that's the point: in a world where everyone strives for instant gratification, digging down and focusing on a single thing becomes extraordinary.

Everything you've ever wanted to know has probably been written down by someone much smarter than you. Every problem you encounter; someone already has a solution for it. Every emotion you're experiencing; someone much wiser than you has analyzed it.

So why not take advantage of that?

Remember: leaders are readers. So let's get started! Here are the three steps to growth reading:

Speed Reading Completely Misses the Point

Light trails of a highway.

In this day and age of constant busyness there is a temptation to speed things up. We feel like we don’t have time and so we compress activities, or we try to find ways to cut corners. This seems to …

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Leadership Advice from Cyrus the Great

Photograph of a man walking through a tunnel.

Larry Hedrick’s excellent translation of Xenophon’s Cyrus the Great is an great read that’s fully accessible to the modern (business) reader. The book is full of great advice on leadership, strategy, teamwork, the dangers of success, and many other topics. …

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8 Good Reasons Why Everyone Should Read Books

Photograph of a person holding a book and a cup of coffee.

Before learning how to read a book effectively, it’s important to understand why you’re reading it in the first place. Obviously, people read for different reasons. Maybe for entertainment, relaxation, or perhaps to learn about a new topic. But when …

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